Inspired and encouraged by the Czernowitz-L Discussion Group, we have created this site in reverence to the people of Bukovina, a region with an outstanding cultural, social and ethnic diversity.
In addition to Czernowitz-L Discussion Group Website, we would like to provide another collection point for materials (stories, histories, photographs, lists, maps, links, etc.), focused primarily on Address Books, Directories, School Registers, etc. These kind of materials may be of interest to researchers concerned with genealogy and history of the Bukovina.


Unknown said...

Hello, Iam looking for my ancestors from Chernivtsi/Sadagora...
Michal Hoda born on 20.4.1882 and his parents Joannes Hoda and Maria Abrachamowska....

Joannes Hoda (1843 - 4.6.1887) was son of Joseph Hoda (1818 - 22.21892) and Magdalena Majer (25.1.1821 - 30.6.1899).
Maria Abrachamowska (1852 - 14.8.1899) was daughter of Joannes and Julia Abrachamowski

I only found out that Hoda Family lived in House number 257.
Magdalena Majer was daughter of Mathias Majer (b. 1772) and Margaretha Leigner (b.1787).

I got some old metrical books of Roman Catholic records from Sadagora but could not find more info as some text is probably in Romanian/Russian language. And no more records about Abrachamowski family not even in those censuses on your website...

Is there any chance you have any advice how to find some more info about these ancestors or even to find their birth/dead/marriage records please?

Thank you for any help,

Edgar Hauster said...

Dear Lucas,

My research and my Blog are focussed on Jewish genealogy and therefore unfortunately I'm not familiar with Roman Catholic and or Orthodox genealogical research. However the following links might be helpful to you:


Happy "hunting" for genealogical finds!

Unknown said...

Hallo, i am looking for information abaut my grandfather Isaak Nussenbaum. He livde in Zcernowiz betwin 1906 to 1927.I will be very hapy for every information. With thanks, Iftach Ben Aharon (Israel)

Edgar Hauster said...

Dear Iftach Ben Aharon,

Please let me draw your attention to following links, which may be helpful to you:


I'm positive the research by GeneaSearch will take you to rewarding results. Check it out and happy "hunting" for genealogical finds!

Gojofish said...

Looking for Mikael Bresler (son of Chaim) born around 1883. Immigration to US was 1914 and his last place of residence was Czernowicz. Wife, Tauba (nee Fleischer, daughter of Dweira & Levy) b. 1885 and 3 children, Shamya (1906), Froijke (1908) & Rivka (1912) immigrated in 1921. What other resources would you suggest to locate this family? I have searched the ones listed above.

Edgar Hauster said...

Hi Gojofish,

I'm encouraging you to follow the "Jewish Bukovina Sources for Genealogical and Family History Research" at
• https://kehilalinks.jewishgen.org/sadgura/ReischToronto.html
by drawing your special attention to the following databases:
• https://czernowitz.geneasearch.net/index.php
• http://czernowitz.blogspot.com/2016/12/the-radautz-vital-records-index.html
• http://anno.onb.ac.at/

Bernard said...

I am looking information about my grandfather Herman Saul my grandmother Herman malka and about my mother Herman Rosalia
I had a few uncles but I don’t know how many and what are their names except of one Herman Bernard
Thx for any help

Monica said...

Dear sir
I am looking for registers of my grandfather, Maximus Neumayer born in 1874, possibly in Câmpulung Moldovenesc.
I found a postcard of a hotel next to the Synagogue Hevra Sas with the inscription "pension Neumayer". Therefore I would hope to be lucky. However I don't know how to pursue the research any further.
I am Brazilian, so...
Sorry for my English

Monica Neumayer Mallet

Edgar Hauster said...

Hi Monica,
As per Câmpulung Moldovenesc please join register with JewishGen and check the Bucovina Vital Records Database:
If you find what you are looking for, feel free to contact me with a request for photos from the registers.
I hope I could help you with this. Warmest wishes and success! Edgar

Monica said...

Hi Edgard
Thank you very much.

Monica said...

Hi Edgard
Thank you very much.