Bukovina & Galicia Censuses for the Years 1869, 1880, 1890, 1900 - Courtesy of Statistics Austria: http://www.statistik.at/web_en/





Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the census. I was wondering if there are cadastral maps for the area. I specifically am interested in obtaining a cadastral map of Russisch Banilla. Do you have any idea whether these exsist for this area? How would one get them if they exsist.


Unknown said...

I am trying to piece together my family tree and was wondering if I could get some help? Would someone be willing to help me locate my family on the 1890 and 1900 census? I cannot speak or read Ukrainian or Polish. Please? I'm not sure if this lets me know if I get a reply so please message me at amandam0082@gmail.com
Thank you!

Edgar Hauster said...


Thank you for your comment and your confidence. The best I can do for the time being, is to draw your attention to the "Jewish Bukovina Genealogical Resource Page"


which provides - regardless of the confession - an excellent starting point for your genealogical research. In addition please check very carefully the databases, available at


with special respect to the directories for the years 1936, 1927, 1914, 1909 and 1898! Finally, please check very carefully the Ehpes databases at


and don't hesitate to join the Czernowitz-L Discussion Group and address yourself to the "collective memory" of our more than 400 fellow members.

Warmest wishes!

Dsalzinger@comcast.net said...

Good Day;

My name is David Salzinger; my family originates from Chernowitz and I have an opportunity to visit in October 2015;

I am curious if there is a resource available to locate and communicate with fellow Salzingers in Chernowitz in hopes of meeting during my visit; can you help?

Thank you in advance;


David Salzinger

Edgar Hauster said...


I don't have particular evidence on Salzingers from Czernowitz. The best I can do for the time being, is to draw your attention to the „Jewish Bukovina Genealogical Resource Page“


which provides an excellent starting point for your genealogical research. In addition please check very carefully the databases, available at


with special respect to the directories for the years 1936, 1927, 1914, 1909 and 1898! Finally, please check very carefully the Ehpes databases at


and don’t hesitate to join the Czernowitz-L Discussion Group and address yourself to the „collective memory“ of our more than 400 fellow members.

Warmest wishes!

Anonymous said...

Thank You ever so Much!! Amazing.

I think I can get lost in these papers for weeks on end.

I actually found a similar family name to ours
and sure enough the ethnicity was correct....WOW!!

Thank You!!

Saskatchewan Canada

Marilyn said...

This was so helpful. I went into the 1890 census for Bukovina and found the town of Kotzman had a family named Schischkoutz which may be the original name for my husband's Sleacow family.

Thank you!

Edgar Hauster said...

Dear Marilyn,
At the risk of disappointing you, "Schischkoutz" is not a family name but a village name. For a genealogical research please follow the "Sources for Genealogical and Family History Research":

Anonymous said...

Hello. Thanks a lot for these. Is there a census list that would show people's names, like the head of the family( usually the father) with birthdates and places, wife and childrens names? We have in Romania these "nationality " or "citizenship" registers. Could something similar be found from the Jaslo area in Poland? All the best.

Anonymous said...

The census documents posted are only statistical summaries of village/town, surface area, male/female population, religion (Roman catholic; Greek Catholic; Jewish; other) and other summary data. They do not contain individual information by family name.

Krista said...

I am trying to find birth info on my great grandparents. They were from Galacia, Austria, born 1904 and 1907. The last name was Wert after immigration to the US, but was possibly Wirth before...

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard of a town called (sounds like) Lausetchu’, Ukraine?

Unknown said...

My grandmother is from Czernowitz. She left in the 1920s. Her maiden name was Anna Zimmer. Parents Mendel Zimmer and Chava Helfeld Zimmer. I would be grateful for any information you could provide. terry.w.gary@gmail.com

Edgar Hauster said...

Dear Terry,

Please let me draw your attention to following links, which may be helpful to you:


I'm positive the research by GeneaSearch will take you to rewarding results. In addition I'm encouraging you to join the Czernowitz-L Discussion Group at:


Check it out and happy "hunting" for genealogical finds!

Kim Kapty said...

Hi there,

my great grand parents and my grandfather were born in Zuczka, Bukovina. I have hit a dead end trying to locate anything to do with them prior to 1912 when they immigrated to Canada. I am assuming when they landed here their last name was changed. My great Grandmothers name is Domka Stratichuk and my Great Grandfathers name was Andrew Kapty.

Any help would be so very appreciated.

Thank you

Edgar Hauster said...

Hi Kim,

There is a pretty good chance that you'll conduct a successful reserach by using FamilySearch: https://www.familysearch.org/
Check the catalog for (Romanian spelling) Jucica-Noua and Jucica-Veche respectively and you'll discover metrical books and civil registration between 1840-1939. I wish you success for your reasearch!

Kim Kapty said...


Thank you so much for the information. It is very helpful. I can spend hours looking at the films.

Thank you!!!!

Unknown said...

I’m looking for my fathers family the name was Louis Sleacow(my grandfather) and his wife name was Rebecca Weintraub my grandmother. They came to America on The Rotterdam June 20, 1921 to New York. Any information is welcome.

Unknown said...


This is a great site. Perhaps you can assist. I am looking for records pertaining to the village of Tereblestie in the 1760s. I have been able to find my 5xGGF marriage record on Nov 20, 1796 (catholic german). Can you advise if there any records from this period? What about death/burial records for 1810s? THANKS so much. Clint

Edgar Hauster said...

Sorry, no matches for documents for that period of time, not with FamilySearch nor at the National Archives of Romania, Suceava Branch. I'll keep your request in mind. Best!

Unknown said...

Hi. Can anybody help me to find a family immigrated to Canada from Zarozhany, Bucowina with last name Tyron or Teron. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello, l am trying to find information about my family. They are from Toporivtsi. The only information i found so far is one of the relatives name’s in the holocaust victims list. But there were 9 brothers in Ziskend family. Any help is greatly appreciated. I’ve been looking for almost 10 years now.
Thank you

Edgar Hauster said...

Hi Masha,

According to the "Census of Romania for the Year 1930: Province of Bucovina by Departments and Districts"


there were 216 Jews (4.2% of the population) in Toporauti / Toporivtsi in 1930. Please check and follow the "Jewish Bukovina: Sources for Genealogical and Family History Research":


I wish you success!


Unknown said...

Are there any Farasey family in the census images?

Jaquelina said...

Good morning, I'm looking for my grandmother's birth certificate. Janette Geiger, born in Romania, Cernauti, Bucovina, on February 18, 1896.
Thank you very much

Edgar Hauster said...

Dear Jaquelina,

Please check first GeneaSearch, by introducing "Geiger" and "Jeanette" into the search engine. By doing so, you'll get matches for J(e)anette's birth and marriage records. Now you'll have the choice to order the records from GeneaSearch


or - with the details in hand - to redirect your reserach to FamilySearch and to discover the records online by yourself:


Maria Rypan said...

Danke, Thank you!!! Looked through entire Austro-Hungarian book from 1886 - page by page to find there is an index at pg 500 of villages and town with page numbers. But, since I was going page by page, I saw how Galicia was set up and broken down to the smallest hamlet and village. I recognized many names and was able to screen grab the in fo about how large a particular town was for all my ancestors!!


Unknown said...

Thank you for your Web site and I hope you can point me in the right direction. I am interested in the Harasim (it has been spelt many ways) family. The children of Arsine Harasim and Irsne were Georgi, Michael and Francziska emigrated to North America around 1910. I would like to trace the family in Czernowitz can you advise.

Edgar Hauster said...

Hi Terry,

The best place to start a genealogical search for Bukovina is FamilySearch (registration requested):


Depending on the religious community, you'll find civil records between 1778-1940 under the search term "Austria, Bukowina, Czernowitz". Good "hunting"!

JohnEBos said...

Hello Edgar,

I see from the Mosaic document on page 19 there is an allowance to discard the census lists. Does this mean the actual census sheets have been destroyed?

Also, the index at the end of each census looks like names but also towns. I can't fine the name Trichter on any of the census indexes so I am guessing the list is towns.

As always, thanks for the great resources you have provided.

Edgar Hauster said...

Dear John,

To the best of my knowledge, and after intensive discussions with the experts at Statistik Austria, we have to assume that almost all primary census registration sheets from the end of the 19th / beginning of the 20th century are lost, with ONE REMARKABLE EXCEPTION:


This said, when it comes to family names, please let me direct you to the "Jewish Bukovina: Sources for Genealogical and Family History Research"


For Radautz please check:

For Bukovina please check:

For Czernowitz please check:
https://czernowitz.geneasearch.net/index.php (in combination with FamilySearch, see below)
https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog (free registration required)

For Galicia please check:

Orest Myshchyshyn said...

Hi my dear friends. On the base of statistics date created digital online maps of religions and language (Galicia 1900 year). I am looking for colleagues among Poles and Jews for cooperation. Next step is map of BUKOVINA.
Orest Myshchyshyn, Lviv, Ukraine
my contact:https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010378817236